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Bi-monthly Therapy Education Sessions Open To Community


Physical therapy or rehabilitation can often reduce the effects of certain diseases and conditions. And yet, individuals living with those conditions may not know that they have options.

That is why the Therapy Department at Village Shalom is initiating bi-monthly Therapy Education sessions open to the community. Each hour-long session will pinpoint a particular physical condition or disease that can be better managed with therapy or rehabilitation interventions.

The first session, addressing Parkinson’s disease, will be held at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015, in the Village Shalom Spa & Wellness Center, 5500 W. 123rd St., Overland Park, Kansas.

Subsequent Therapy Education groups will meet the second Wednesday of every other month, also in the Village Shalom Spa & Wellness Center. Discussion topics will be publicized in advance of the sessions, and the community is welcome to attend, as space permits.

The initial educational offering will present information on “how rehabilitation and therapy can improve the functional mobility of individuals with Parkinson’s disease,” said Amy Aberdeen, Rehabilitation Coordinator at Village Shalom.

“It will be a hands-on educational opportunity,” she explained. “We’ll do some individualized screening to identify underlying impairments that participants may not realize they have. We will also highlight the specialty services that we offer for Parkinson’s rehabilitation. We can also facilitate acquiring the doctor’s orders to help people make the best use of our services.”

Future educational sessions are still in development, but are expected to include such topics as balance and dizziness, and aquatic therapies.

For more information on the bi-monthly Village Shalom Therapy Education sessions, contact Amy Aberdeen at 913-963-9138 or email