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Epsten Gallery To Launch 2014 Series With ARTicipation: Pop-Up Studio 2014



The Epsten Gallery is pleased to present ARTicipation: Pop-Up Studio 2014, the third installment of this annual, participatory community-based art program and exhibition. With a theme this year of Perception & Reflection and the human senses, this exciting project transforms the Epsten Gallery into a pop-up art studio for visitors to experience and contribute to an evolving environment of creativity and imagination. The exhibition will feature a salon installation of artwork by Village Shalom residents and several areas in which visitors can directly engage by making and contributing their own artwork, including collaborative mural painting, drawing and painting upon scrolls, creating stories with word and image collages, and participating in a trading post project.

This extraordinary program, launched by Epsten Gallery in 2012 in a unique partnership with the Kansas Art Therapy Association, includes the coordination of collaborative, community-based art making workshops for Village Shalom residents and wide-ranging, intergenerational audiences led by teams of artists and art therapists. The exhibition features artwork created during these workshops by Village Shalom residents and community members along with cumulative displays of self-guided art works made by gallery visitors throughout the course of the show.

ARTicipation: Pop-Up Studio 2014 is an exciting demonstration of how arts-related health and well-being programs for individuals living in continuum care environments can be an integral part of a whole community’s development. The Epsten Gallery strives to bring different communities and generations together for meaningful shared experiences through the creative process. This program features partnerships with a series of arts agencies and organizations, individual artists, curators, art educators, art therapists, healthcare professionals and community volunteers from the fields of art therapy, medicine and health and human services, who will collaborate in ARTicipation’s creative community workshops.

Self-Guided Projects featured in ARTicipation: Pop-Up Studio 2014, Perception & Reflection

1. Collaborative Canvas Wall Murals: Stretched canvas covering two new walls in the gallery walls are sites for visitors to co-create dynamic murals responding to corresponding themes of “Past and Present.”


2. Community Scrolls: Rolls of black and white paper installed directly on the gallery walls engage visitors in a range of mark-making with pencils, pens, watercolor, pastels, chalks, crayons, markers and paint.

3. Word and Image Story Station: Using magnetic words and imagery, visitors can create their own personal narratives in an evolving collage of word and image.

4. The Trading Post: Gallery shelves of sensory-coded objects invite visitors to bring in and trade goods in this installation and interactive self-guided project.