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New Village Shalom Website Is All About Connecting People


Village Shalom’s recently redesigned website gives new meaning to the concept of “connectivity,” providing seamless links not only among computers and electronic devices but, more importantly, people.

Village Shalom’s redesigned web site features colorful design, engaging videos and a wealth of information for residents, families and community members.

That was the whole point of the website renovation, according to Village Shalom Marketing Manager Sean Roark.

“We wanted to create something that is completely different from other senior-living community websites that are out there,” he said. “We want it to be a truer representation of who we are as a community – the people who are here, not just the physical structure.”

To achieve that distinction, Village Shalom’s website incorporates a number of video “mini-documentaries” that feature residents telling their personal stories and discussing Village Shalom’s role in their lives. “It’s a way to get to know your Village Shalom neighbors,” Roark remarked, adding that the videos will be switched out periodically to keep the site fresh and inviting for returning visitors.

The site also includes Village Shalom’s blog, which was initiated in 2012 as a way to enable residents to share their stories and personal philosophies in a computer-age format.

Redesigning Village Shalom’s website began earlier this year and required several months of conceptualizing and programming to incorporate the many layers of information, videos and interactive features that it now contains. The new site went “live” on Sept. 23.

“Our last site was designed in 2008,” noted Roark. “It didn’t include a lot of the new functionality like responsive design” – a site’s ability to automatically adapt to the device on which it is being viewed. Village Shalom’s new site is as functional on a tablet or smartphone, for example, as it is on a computer screen.

Another new feature is the three-dimensional rendering of floor plans for Village Shalom’s independent-living Villas and Assisted Living apartments. “It gives people a better idea of how they can configure a space with their own furniture when they move in,” said Roark.

Visitors to the website can also view a list of daily activities across the campus, access contact information for all Village Shalom departments and services, or check out the menu at Rachel’s Café.

For fun, there’s even a video exploring just how much the generations know about each other on topics as diverse as “selfies,” dance styles and Frank Sinatra. 

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