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Couple Downsizing to Maximize Their Quality of Life

Victor and Alicia Vidals will soon settle into a comfortable lifestyle nearly 1,700 miles from where their story began. Victor Vidals immigrated to the United States to advance his medical career and support his family who he had left behind in Mexico. 
Alicia and Victor Vidals look forward to the numerous lifestyle opportunities awaiting them in the expansion community.
Victor and Alicia met in medical school at the National Institute of Cardiology of Mexico. After they had children, Alicia stayed home to care for them. 
Leaving Mexico to find opportunities in the U.S., Victor, who knew only a little English, taught himself how to speak the language using medical magazines and the dictionary. 
“I spent a year in Georgia saving my pennies to bring my family,” said Victor. 
After Alicia and the children joined him in the United States, Victor spent a few years working as a house physician until he was offered a position in a surgical residency program, eventually becoming a board-certified surgeon. 
Victor and Alicia moved to the KC-area more than 50 years ago. In Kansas City, Victor worked both in the hospital and as an instructor for medical students at Truman Medical Center, UMKC and KU. 
“I was probably the earliest endoscopist in this city,” said Victor. “In the last 10-15 years of my practice, I was one of the first to have an ultrasound in the office when it was not a common thing to do.”
Although Victor retired in 2008, he and Alicia live a very active lifestyle. Alicia spends time around the house, exercises several times a week, and likes to go to church and travel. 
Since his retirement, Victor still volunteers to teach medical students, and helps with pharmaceutical research. He is also involved with developing a website called “What Jesus Would Eat?” The site looks into the diet of Jesus, and the scientific support if its health benefits.  
Victor and Alicia want to give up the hassle of a home – the primary reason they put down a deposit to become part of the first generation of residents in Village Shalom’s independent apartment community.   
“Our children live close to Village Shalom, and I’m excited for them to come visit," said Alicia. "I’m also looking forward to no cooking! I like to cook, but it will be nice not to have to cook all the time. We like the people here, and there will be so many activities we will be able to go to.”
Victor who’s also looking forward to the many social activities, likes that Village Shalom “takes care of you as you age” offering assisted living, rehab, skilled nursing and memory care in addition to independent living.