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High School Sweethearts Ready to Start a New Adventure

For the last 57 years, Roger and Kay Steinert have shared many adventures together. They hope to share many more when they begin their new maintenance-free lifestyle in the upcoming independent living apartment community at Village Shalom.  
Kay and Roger Steinert celebrating their 57th anniversary.
When the high school sweethearts married in June 1961, Kay thought she’d be married to a teacher until Roger retired. After Roger spent 12 years teaching, however, he and Kay decided to start a mom-and-pop business running a farm. 
“Roger grew up on a farm and never quite lost the dirt under his fingers,” Kay said. 
The Steinerts spent 32 years raising livestock and a host of crops, growing an orchard and selling their farm goods from a market on their property. 
“That was an interesting part of our life,” Roger said. “We started out in farmer’s markets, but one year, we were completely frozen-out and thought it was a good year to start-up a market right on our farm.”
After they retired and sold the farm, Roger and Kay spent more than four years traveling the U.S. and living in a fifth-wheeler with MMAP, the Mobile Missionary Assistance Program. 
“It was mostly hammer-and-nail work in youth camps across the states,” said Roger. “It was very rewarding and we met a lot of nice people.”
After retiring from MMAP in 2009, the Steinerts settled down in a home in Spring Hill, Kan. Now, Roger and Kay are looking to move closer to their daughter and begin making a plan for their future healthcare needs. They found both of those things in Village Shalom’s upcoming independent living apartment community. 
Roger and Kay were also drawn to the welcoming feel of the community, and liked the neatness of Village Shalom’s campus. 
“We were impressed with the family feeling of it,” said Roger. “We’ve met some of the people through the events Village Shalom has had, meeting our future neighbors, it’s great that we will have so many familiar faces.” 
Although they may never need the continuous care Village Shalom provides, the high school sweethearts found comfort in knowing that no matter what the future has in store, they will still be together.  
“We love our home, we could continue living there,” said Kay. “But we have a lot of friends and family who have dementia problems, and we wanted to find a place where we could still be near each other if we need other care, because some people end up so far apart.”