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What in the world? Grandma's a techie!

Resident Blog By: Sunie Levin

What’s this world coming to? I’m an 87-year-old techie now! Me! With nine grandkids and five great grandkids, how could this have possibly happened?

Well, the truth of the matter is that perhaps, I am not a techie. But, I’m further along than I’d ever dreamed, and people actually call me for help!


So how did this happen? When my first Dell computer crashed five years ago, I was precisely where most grandmas are. I knew how to turn the darn thing on and I could send e-mails, but that was it. 

However, everything changed when my granddaughter Megan convinced me to buy an Apple computer. She told me it was user friendly. Now this isn’t an Apple commercial, my new Apple was totally different, and I shed tears learning the new language and commands.

When I went to the store and saw three-year-olds banging on the computer with precision, I promised myself if they could do it, so could I. After one-on-one lessons I persevered, and after a few months I started to get the hang of it. I even built my own web site!

When Megan was in town she hooked me up with social networking. I was set up on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Now, I have cyber friends (like pen pals) all over the country. 

Next, came Skype and FaceTime. We use those to keep in touch and see all of our grandkids between visits.

More than 27 million people ages 70-plus use social networking, and you can too! For housebound seniors, it is particularly wonderful, letting you maintain contact with old friends and make new ones. It’s a magic carpet for finding old school chums you never thought you would hear from again.

It is never too late to learn how to use technology, and nobody's too old —Ruth Hamilton, put messages on her computer up until she passed away two months before her 110th birthday. You can see her on the website For seniors who are housebound and cannot easily use the computer because of arthritis or low vision, there are devices such as talking software and speech recognition that can be purchased for around $75.

If you say you are bored or have time on your hands, frankly, it’s your own fault. There are classes at the library, JCCC, or you can learn from a high school kid so you don’t have to pay for classes. Become a techie like me!