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Have Quill, Will Travel: Sofer Restores Village Shalom Torahs


Rabbi Gedaliah Druin, a sofer (scribe) from Sofer On Site based in Miami, Florida, is spending several days at Village Shalom to make repairs to the retirement community’s three Torahs.


Rabbi Gedaliah Druin, a traveling sofer, restores the lettering on one of Village Shalom’s three Torah scrolls.

The Torahs are read during Shabbat and holiday services in Village Shalom’s Appleman Synagogue. Their regular use had rendered some of the lettering worn, and caused other issues affecting the readability and kashrut of the scrolls.

A number of Village Shalom residents enjoyed the rare opportunity to observe the process and learn more about the work of writing and restoring Jewish holy texts.


Rabbi Gedaliah Druin (right) explains the nature of the Torah scroll to a study group of Village Shalom residents led by Rabbi Daniel Rockoff from Congregation BIAV (standing at left).