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Village Shalom Adopts New Statement Of Mission, Vision, Core Values


Just as travelers rely on well-drawn maps (or, these days, a dependable GPS device) to find their way, so an organization charts its course with a carefully drafted statement of its mission.

For that reason, Village Shalom has devoted considerable thought and effort to developing a new mission, vision and core values statement that sets the organization on its path to the future. Conceived over the course of many months, the new statement was recently introduced to the employees of the continuing-care retirement community. In making the presentation, President and CEO Matthew Lewis said, “This is not going to sit on a shelf. We want to weave this into everything we do. It is part of the entire culture we’re trying to build throughout the whole organization.”

Our Core Values

 That culture embraces “all the things we strive to do for our residents,” he explained. “We’re not just taking care of their physical needs. It involves respect, dignity, a comfortable and safe home environment, all supported by Jewish principles. In a communal setting, it’s a challenge to individualize our services to meet the needs of each person – but that’s what we strive to do.”

Joseph Hiersteiner, Chairman of the Village Shalom Board of Directors, said that creating a new mission/vision/core values statement was an important step in moving the organization toward the next stage of its growth and development. “Our previous mission statement was written for the Village Shalom that opened its doors in 2000. It has served us well in defining the organization’s role as a residence and health-care resource for senior adults. But Village Shalom’s reach and impact in the community continue to grow in ways we couldn’t have anticipated 15 years ago. Our new mission statement helps us broaden our outlook to embrace countless new possibilities.”

Many voices and perspectives are represented in the new document. Thoughtful input came from the Board of Directors, the Village Shalom management team and employee focus groups. Concepts addressed by other senior-living communities across the country helped Village Shalom to shape its own message.

“Our mission continues to draw on our Jewish heritage as the impetus behind the work we do,” Hiersteiner said. “In fact, our core values statement has ‘six points’ in reference to the Star of David. While we honor our Jewish heritage, we also recognize and celebrate the fact that we serve an increasingly diverse population of residents, families and community members through an increasingly diverse group of staff and volunteers. Our new mission statement honors that diversity as well.”

It also sets the tone for Village Shalom’s strategic planning process. The organization has already begun laying the groundwork to define how it will serve the needs of coming generations of senior adults. “We are examining more ways to address culture change (a term that emphasizes resident self-determination in daily living), holistic care and expanded services to the community,” noted Lewis. “This [mission statement] is step No. 1. It will guide the whole process. We want to make this a living, breathing document. It will be, literally, the words we live by.”