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Capital Campaign - Rehabilitation Center

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An unrivaled short-term rehabilitation experience with a new state-of-the-art therapy gym featuring the latest rehab equipment in an inspiring, recuperative environment for the more than 400 community members and residents we serve each year.

No one ever expects an illness or injury to interrupt their daily routine, but it happens every day. When these situations occur, the goal is always to get back to the way things were before. To do so, one needs a partner to help manage the injury and serve as a guide to recovery.

 We have served as this partner for our community since the late 1960s. Today, Village Shalom provides short-term rehabilitation and therapy services to more than 400 community members and residents each year. Experts in recovery from strokes, surgeries and illnesses–our team of specialized therapists utilize the latest treatment techniques to help nearly 90 percent of those we serve return to their previous level of functioning.

The need to expand our therapy space is a direct result of our success. Village Shalom has earned a reputation of excellence in the community for its rehab services, and it is important to maintain that reputation in the face of an increasingly competitive marketplace.

That said, there is currently insufficient therapy space to accommodate the growing demand for these services, let alone the increased demand we expect to see in the future. Nor does the current space provide expected amenities like private showers, which have become standard in newer therapy facilities. The additional space will allow our talented team of therapists to provide a more expansive range of care, including advances in physical, occupational and speech therapy.

With a focus on helping individuals obtain the highest level of independence, enhancing the rehabilitation center means Village Shalom can implement innovative solutions that keep individuals connected to the community, while helping them to restore their dignity and live life to the fullest.