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Village Shalom Prepared For Possible Cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Village Shalom located in Overland Park, KS is actively preparing for possible cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19). While 1 case of COVID-19 have been identified as presumptively positive in Kansas, including cases in Johnson County, no cases have been suspected in our community. Much about the virus is still unknown, but we do know that the population we serve — older persons with underlying medical conditions — are at greater risk for the most serious forms of infection associated with this new disease.

We are staying abreast of the latest information from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our resident’s health and well-being along with the health of our staff that support them is our top priority. We will continue to work with state and local public health and emergency preparedness officials to strengthen our preparation for a possible outbreak of Coronavirus.”

Based upon revised recommendations of the CDC, Village Shalom will limit visitors to the campus to combat the spread of the disease and protect the health and welfare of our residents. We encourage loved ones to communicate with our residents in ways, other than in-person visits, such as video chat, telephone, or social media. These precautions are vital to helping us avoid and minimize the possible spread of this virus.

Village Shalom is also educating staff and residents and families on symptom awareness for COVID-19 and infection control best practices and have clear protocols for staff to stay home and not come to work if they are ill or symptomatic. Detailed and specific plans are already in place for a wide range of emergencies and are being updated and evaluated as new information becomes available, and we are working closely with other health care providers in our community to help ensure the health and safety of all.

As we navigate this challenge, we remain focused on providing exceptional care and services for our residents/tenants.