Ages of Excellence 2022 was a huge success!

Offering assistance to our 1 in 4 healthcare residents who have exhausted their financial resources, or have come to us with no resources, is unique to Village Shalom. We are honored to care for the generation who cared for us!

In 2022, thanks to donors like you, we raised a record breaking $320,246 in support of the Village Shalom Financial Assistance Program.

On behalf of Village Shalom’s grateful residents and families, thank you for your generosity!

With gratitude,

Donna Gould Cohen, Evan Luskin, and Rachel and Seth Katz, 2022 Ages of Excellence Campaign Co-Chairs
Bob Gershon, Board Chair
Matt Lewis, President and CEO

In addition to the individuals and corporate partners listed below who supported the 2022 Ages of Excellence campaign, fund and grant support for the Village Shalom Financial Assistance Program was received from the following:

Gifts in support of our Financial Assistance Program are received all year round.
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