Thanks to you, our 2021 Ages of Excellence campaign in support of the Village Shalom Financial Assistance Program was a huge success!

The Financial Assistance Program benefits our 1 in 4 healthcare residents who have exhausted their financial resources or have come to us with no resources. Village Shalom has never asked a resident to leave due to the inability to pay for the cost of their care. This is not only unusual in the Kansas City area, but a point of pride for Village Shalom.
Two-thirds of the $1.6 million annual gap created between the cost of care, the reimbursement rate received by third parties, and our residents’ ability to pay is covered by Village Shalom’s General Operating Budget. Only 1/3 of the cost gap is paid by charitable gifts. Funds raised through the Ages of Excellence campaign are a critical component of the program’s viability.
Our commitment to our residents, and to our community, is what makes Village Shalom special.
THANK YOU for your steadfast support!

Lisa and Steve Ruben
Ages 2021 Co-Chairs

Frank Lipsman
Board Chair

Matt Lewis
President and CEO

Thank You



Benefitting the Village Shalom
Financial Assistance Program

Lisa and Steve Ruben

2021 Ages of Excellence



Frank Lipsman

Board Chair


Stanley J. Bushman Publications and Communications Fund

All Ages of Excellence printed materials are made possible through this generous funding.

We regret any omissions due to printing deadlines.


  • Shirley and Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr.


  • Dierdre and Ronnie Baker
  • Stanley J. Bushman and Ann Canfield
  • Charles M. Helzberg and Sandra Baer
  • Lisa and Steve Ruben


  • Irene E. Bettinger
  • Abe and Anna Bograd Memorial Trust
  • Goldberg Family Foundation
  • Susie Goldsmith
  • Susan and Rocky Horowitz
  • Marcia S. Karbank
  • Miriam and Eric Kaseff
  • Janet Marks and Frank Lipsman
  • Irene and Norton Starr
  • Carol and Cliff Trenton


  • Charlotte and Richard Brockman
  • Brown & Brown Insurance, Kansas City
  • Bukaty Companies
  • Denise and Ron Coppaken
  • Diane and Dr. Mark Davidner
  • Sandi and Ed Fried
  • Jane and Jonny Girson
  • Lance Goldberg
  • Hermes Landscaping
  • Michael L. Klein
  • Lockton Companies
  • Harry J. Parris
  • Dorothee and Helmut Schulz
  • Blanche and Neil Sosland
  • Summit Care, Inc.
  • Evelina and Steven Swartzman
  • Debbie and Steve Trenton


  • 4Ward Family Foundation
  • Brenda Althouse and Paul Fingersh
  • AuBurn Pharmacy
  • Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
  • Andrea and Robert Baran
  • Merilyn and Dr. Loren Berenbom
  • Allison Berey and Dr. John Lorei
  • Carol and Lewis Berey
  • Emily D. Berkley
  • Sherry and Scott Carter
  • Ellen and Jonathan Chilton
  • Donna Gould Cohen
  • Beth and Steve Cole
  • Louis and Dorothy Cumonow Foundation Fund
  • Ann Darke and David Goldberg
  • Elinor Eisemann
  • Ginny and Brad Epsten
  • Robert Epsten
  • Pella and Jack Fingersh
  • First Pace Painting
  • Marlene and Michael Fishman
  • Sondra and Frank Friedman
  • Bob Gershon
  • Debra Porter Gill
  • Julie and Max Goldman
  • Dr. Allen and Mrs. Gail Gutovitz
  • Hartsook
  • Karen and Mike Herman
  • HJ Sims
  • Roger Hurwitz
  • Rosalyn and Howard Jacobson
  • Irma and Jack Katz
  • Lisa and James Klein
  • Beth Koenigsberg
  • Regina and Bill Kort
  • Rachel Krantz and Edward Goldstein
  • The Law Offices of Krigel & Krigel, P.C. – Erlene and Sandy Krigel
  • Barbara and Allen Lefko
  • Sandy and Joel Leibsohn
  • Rayna Levine
  • Lee Levin
  • Rada and Matt Lewis
  • Linda and Mike Lyon
  • Aaron March
  • MC Flooring, LLC.
  • Sharon and Michael Milens
  • Jane L. Nettels Family
  • Debra and Allen Parmet
  • Roshann Parris and Jeff Dobbs
  • Larry Poisner
  • Sharon Lowenstein Poisner and Alan Posiner
  • Carol and David Porter
  • Lena Price
  • Roberta and Larry Rosen
  • Janis Rovick and David Goodman
  • Arlene and John Rubenstein
  • Marilyn B. Salomon and David W. Renner
  • Dana and Neal Schwartz
  • Miriam and Daniel Scharf
  • Marcia Schoenfeld and Fred Greenstein
  • Service Plus Mechanical Contractors
  • Debbie Sosland-Edelman and Alan Edelman
  • Esther and Stewart Stein
  • Sheila and Ken Sigman
  • Ann Stern
  • Lisa and James Stevens
  • Nikol and Adam Terrill
  • Maarten van Swaay
  • Sue Vile
  • Walker Medical Linen Services
  • Nicole and Myron Wang
  • Susan Wedlan and Harold Rosen
  • Whittaker Family
  • Edward Winthrop
  • Joyce and Stan Zeldin

1 in 4 Sponsors

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Leslie and Simon Abrahms
  • Alice Jacks Achtenberg and David Achtenberg
  • Cathy and Jeffrey Alpert
  • Carol and Tom Barnett
  • Lisa and Jerry Bernard
  • Julie and James Blair
  • Sherry and Michael Blumenthal
  • Harvey S. Bodker
  • Stevi and Jeff Brick
  • Mark Brodkey, M.D.
  • Phillip S. Brown
  • Barbara Strauss Bullis and Jim Bullis
  • Robin and Bill Carr
  • Pati Chasnoff
  • Nancy Cohn and Allan Katz
  • Carol and Robert Cohon
  • Rita Cortes
  • Suzanne Crandall
  • Robert Cutler
  • Beth and Jeff Dorfman
  • Ease Your Mind
  • Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc.
  • Debra and Barry Fink
  • Gerri and Byron Ginsburg
  • Karen R. Glickstein and Donald J. Swartz
  • Ruth and Mark Gordon
  • Sandy and Steven Geduldig
  • Donald J. Hall
  • Susan A. Hammer
  • Marilyn Hedges
  • Cathy and Joe Hiersteiner
  • Barbra and Ron Hill
  • Gail and Harry Himmelstein
  • Kathy and Elliot Hollub
  • Anne and Michael Jacobs
  • Judy G. Jacobs, PH.D.
  • Kansas City Custom Window Fashions, Inc.
  • Carol and Jeffery Katz
  • Andrea Kempf and Evan Luskin
  • Lisa Krigsten
  • Lucinda and Lloyd Lazarus
  • Randi and Bill Lefko
  • Lisa Lefkovitz Family Foundation
  • Nancy and Ron Leu
  • Karin Lichterman and Mark H. Edelman
  • Beth and Michael Liss
  • MatrixCare
  • Leslie Mark and Mark Eisemann
  • Sue McCord-Belzer and Irv Belzer
  • Jacquelyn McKinney
  • Gerre and Rodney Minkin
  • Shanny and Eric Morgenstern
  • Alana Muller and Marc Hammer
  • Kitty and Hal Novicoff
  • Vicki and Keith Novorr
  • Barbara and Richard O’Brien
  • Susan and Steve Osman
  • Amanda and David Palan
  • Jennifer and Steven Paul
  • Esther and Lee Pearlmutter
  • Marsha Stiefel Pinson and Family
  • Julie Porter
  • Ellen and Jay Portnoy
  • ReeceNichols Real Estate
  • Andrew Reiz
  • Right at Home, In-Home Care & Assistance
  • Rosanne and Howard Rosen
  • Brenda and Howard Rosenthal
  • Jonathan Ross
  • Martha Ross and Robin Green
  • Judy and Stan Samberg
  • Josephine Sanditz
  • Margo Soule and Tom Schult
  • Cesse and Paul Sessel
  • Tracy and Alan Shafton
  • Scott Sher, M.D.
  • Rana and Scott Sider
  • Merna Siegler
  • Aletha and Robert E. Simon
  • Joseph T. Smuckler
  • Jane and Josh Sosland
  • Elise Sosnow and Steven Cohen
  • Barbara and Andrew Soukup
  • Patricia Stein
  • Lois and Bob Sullivan
  • Miriam Thompson
  • Charles S. Tigerman
  • Betsey and Tom Ward
  • Andie and Keith Weisz
  • Gerald Zobel


  • Anonymous
  • Marjorie Adler
  • Barbara and Richard Atlas
  • Janet and Bruce Baker
  • Janice and Sam Balot
  • Jennifer Bauer
  • Patti and Martin Bauer
  • Linda and Michael Begleiter
  • Andy Berkley
  • David Braun
  • Rose Carr
  • Natalie and Dr. Donald Cohen
  • Carol Dell
  • Suzanne Dell-St. Clair
  • Jonathan Gale
  • Clara L. Gerwick
  • Linda Gibian and Mark Fishman
  • Anita and Chas Goldsmith
  • Carol and Marvin Goldstein
  • Susan Hard
  • Ann Harris
  • Debbie and William Hawthorne
  • Helen Henkin
  • Joan O. Herman
  • Brita Horowitz
  • Shelli and Brandon Jaye
  • Norman B. Kahn, Jr.
  • Emma Kershenbaum
  • Charlotte A. Kessler
  • Michaela and Brandon Kidd
  • Natalie and Harold Klopper
  • Mary Ann Kozikowski
  • Julie and Jeremy Krashin
  • Vicky and Andre Kulikov
  • Sharon McKibben Latimer
  • Sandi and Ken Lerner
  • Alice and Tom Lewinsohn
  • Karen Loggia and David Spizman
  • Marcel Matson
  • Margery E. Mealman
  • Shirley Morantz
  • Flossie Pack
  • Judith and Bruce Pearlstein
  • Martha J. Poehler
  • Janet and Harold Price
  • Nancy and Allan Reichman
  • Ellen and Irv Robinson
  • Mary and Ben Rogers
  • Lori Roop
  • Renee Rosenberg
  • Roberta and Jerry Rosmarine
  • Ashley Ruben
  • Gerri and David Ruben
  • Jonathan Ruben
  • Rabbi Jonathan Rudnick
  • George Satterle
  • Denise and Sheldon Schwartz
  • Norman S. Shaffer
  • Marlys Shulda
  • Marjorie and Barry Skikne
  • Susie and Neil Sloman
  • Elaine and Myron Slotsky
  • Jackie Slutsky
  • Claudine and Daniel Stanley
  • Amy and Andrew Starr
  • Shirley and Todd Stettner
  • Margrit Vetsch
  • Mindy and David Wajcman
  • Marcia K. Walsh
  • Karen and Rabbi Michael Zedek
  • Rachel Zoller and Jacob Lipsman

In addition to the individuals and corporate partners shown below who supported the 2021 Ages of Excellence campaign, grant support for the Village Shalom Financial Assistance Program was received from the following:

  • Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City
  • Menorah Heritage Foundation
  • Community Legacy Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City
  • DeLeve Family Memorial Fund
  • Oppenstein Brothers Foundation – Commerce Bank, Trustee
  • The Flo Harris Foundation