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Ages of Excellence

Benefiting The Village Shalom Financial Assistance Program

 Our Ages of Excellence campaign benefits The Village Shalom Financial Assistance Program and supports residents who have exhausted their financial resources and rely on the community for vital care and services.  

1 in 4 of our healthcare residents experience peace of mind because of your generosity.

We have never asked a resident to leave due to the inability to pay for the cost of their care.  This is unique in senior living and a point of pride for Village Shalom.

The need for financial assistance support is more important than ever!

Due to the vulnerability of residents, the senior living industry has been hit particularly hard with mandated COVID-19 protocols.  The unbudgeted supply and labor expenses required to keep residents safe, and to be compliant, will continue for the foreseeable future and directly impact our bottom line. 

Make your gift today!

Gifts received by Monday, November 30 will be recognized as per the details below:
· Gifts of $1,000 or more will be acknowledged in the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle as part of a public thank you,
on the Village Shalom website, and in our annual report.

· Gifts less than $1,000 will be recognized on the Village Shalom website and in our annual report.