More than 150 million cards are sold on Mother’s Day, and 101 million cards are sold on Father’s Day. But only about four million cards are sold on Grandparents Day. Have grandma and grandpa slipped through the cracks? Here are a few tips to bolster your chances of the postman delivering you a card on Grandparents Day.


Janet Price Passover

Giving up the holiday hosting duties doesn't mean you have to give up on making holiday memories. Janet Price reflects on how she continues to make family Passover memories in her new home at Village Shalom.



Interfaith grandparenting has a number of challenges -- especially around the holidays. Easter and Passover bring a unique set of challenges, given the religious nature of each holiday. In today's blog, Sunie provides a few tips on ways to keep the peace.


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Write a Book

The world is already filled with would-be Dostoevskys. So why encourage seniors to write? Because massive as the influx of writers and manuscripts is, there is always room for new, great, insightful writing – and that type of writing has no age limit.


Give Me My Space

Constant togetherness is, inevitably, smothering – no matter how much love there is. We all need our private space. Couples spend an average of 20 years together after retirement. Here, Sunie provides a few tips on ways to make it more enjoyable: