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Best Senior Living Amenities to Look For

Happy senior friends painting together at art class

For the discerning older adult looking for just the right senior living arrangement, there simply is a difference among communities. Almost every senior living community will offer the basic services and amenities: housing, dining, entertainment, senior wellness. But, as in every other aspect of life, there are levels to these senior living amenities, and they vary by community.

That’s why it’s so important to do your research and to tour various communities. Yes, the apartment might have a view, but that view might be of a brick building or parking lot. Their marketing materials may call it a pool, only for you to see for yourself that it’s a glorified hot tub. And dining? You don’t want to wait and discover the quality of the food after you’ve already moved in.

So, what should a fairly active senior expect when it comes to luxury senior living? We’re so glad you asked!

Senior Living Amenities You Shouldn’t Sacrifice On:

Square Footage that Doesn’t Make You Feel Like a Sardine

Senior living, even the luxury kind, involves downsizing. It’s just a part of the process. You’ve got to lighten your load so you can be free to experience a whole new life. Many older adults opt for two-bedroom floor plans, but there is nothing wrong with a one-bedroom. In fact, if you think about the community as your house and yard, your apartment is just your bedroom suite. A place to rest between adventures.

Picking the right apartment size and floor plan is probably the second most difficult part of moving to a senior living community. The first is downsizing, of course. Look at the square footage as well as luxury finishes.

Dining Options You Won’t Get Bored With

Food is the great equalizer, isn’t it? After all, we must all eat. And wouldn’t you prefer spending your retirement years in a community that offers not just great-tasting food but multiple dining options?

It’s no wonder that dining is often one of the first amenities prospective residents ask about. If you’re looking for a luxury senior living environment, make sure the communities you investigate offer a variety of dining options from casual to formal and even grab-and-go and bistro fare. You should be able to sample some dishes during your tours. Let your palate be your guide.

Entertainment that Keeps Your Toe Tapping and Your Mind Engaged

Every senior independent living community offers some form of entertainment. Like anything else, there are levels in both type and quality. If you have luxury tastes, look for a community that has a museum-quality art gallery on campus. It should not be stagnant either, offering visiting exhibits from around the country and across the world.

Other luxury level amenities might include an on-site theater, a well-stocked and updated library, perhaps even a fireside lounge for leisurely conversations, comfortable reading, or quiet contemplation. If you plan to entertain your grand- and great-grandchildren, look for a community that can keep them active and occupied as well.

Wellness Programs You’ll Actually Want to Participate In

Another amenity every senior living community likes to talk about is their wellness program. Like everything else, these programs will vary from one community to the next.

Does the community have a pool? If so, is it a heated therapeutic pool? Does the community have an on-site barber/beauty salon? Better yet, is there a day spa that offers manicures, pedicures and even massages?

Your Retirement Community Should Cater to the Lifestyle You Want

In the middle of the country, there’s a community that offers amenities designed for the retirement lifestyle you deserve. Located in Overland Park, Kansas, Village Shalom is rich with opportunities for you to keep learning, growing and building new relationships. If you’re looking for luxury amenities and first-class hospitality, you’ll find it right here. Contact us today to schedule a tour.